Liverpool City Police

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1863 - 1912

PC Henry Madden - Liverpool River Police
Died 3 February 1868, aged 40

Drowned when the police boat in which he was on patrol capsized. The circumstances of this incident was reported in the Liverpool Mercury - February 4th 1868. See: Fatal Boat Accident

DC George Bailey
Died 3 July 1880, aged 32

Drowned trying to save his young son when their boat capsized. See: Liverpool Policeman drowned

PC James Graham
Died August 1887, aged 23

At About 10-30pm on Wednesday, 10th August Constable 144 Thomas Griffith saw a crowd in Scotland Rd, near St Martin's Market. He went to the spot and there saw Constable Graham holding a soldier named MURPHY, who had his belt off and appeared to be in the act of striking the officer. Constable GRIFFITH prevented the blow being struck by siezing the soldier's arm. A comrade of the soldier, named HANNAH, was endeavouring to rescue him. The prisoner " head butted" Constable GRAHAM, then threw himself down and kicked both Constables about the legs. Constable GRIFFITH blew his whistle in response to which other Constables came to their assistance and both the soldiers were restrained and arrested. The soldiers were charged with drunkenness and riotous conduct, and the next day were convicted before the magistrate.

PC Richard Green
Died 20 October 1890, aged 30

Killed when struck by a heavy gate it was his duty to close at the docks.

PC 192H John Young
Died 23 May 1899, aged 28

Fatally injured driving the police ambulance when the horse bolted. See: Death of Mounted Police Officer

PC Charles Parfitt
Died 12 March 1904, aged 33

Collapsed and died of heart failure during a shift change over.

PC Lewis Hughes Jones
Died 6 June 1904, aged 48

Fatally injured endeavouring to stop a runaway horse and float.

PC Thomas McEwan
Died 18 April 1907, aged 46

Accidentally crushed between two railway wagons while directing traffic. See: Old Mersey Times

PC Brownlowe Locke
Died 24 Nov 1907, Aged 26

Crushed assisting a Porter to close a heavy iron gate when it fell on him. See: Old Mersey Times & Killer Gates

PC Henry Phillips
Died 15 August 1911, aged 32

Died as a result of injury sustained in a fall at a warehouse fire. See: Death of Liverpool Police Constable

PC Thomas Ashcroft Grundy (St. Helens Borough Police)
Died 31 January 1914, aged 30

Collapsed and died assisting another Constable arrest two men who had been fighting.

PC Adam Mather (St. Helens Borough Police)
Died 19 June 1915, aged 50

Collapsed and died after assisting in the violent arrest of two men.

PC Thomas Power
Died 16 February 1911, aged 48

Died of injuries sustained in 1904 in a road accident saving two children.

PC Samuel Ballance
Died 3 September 1911, aged 23

Died after surgical operations on injuries received during rioting.

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1912 -

PC William H. Moore
Died 22 August 1912, aged 43

Found drowned possibly trying to rescue his son from the river.

Sgt George Anderson
Died 26 May 1913, aged 49

Died of injuries received in 1911 when attacked by a hostile crowd.

PC Samuel Jonah Smart
Died 23 November 1913, aged 50

Fatally injured driving a patrol wagon when its horse bolted.

Sgt William Sant
Died 5 August 1916, aged 49

Killed on mounted patrol when his horse was startled and fell on him.

PC William Henry Peers
Died 22 January 1921, aged 24

Fatally injured when he fell from steps whilst checking property.

PC Albert Millington
Died 16 January 1932, aged 38

Killed when hit by a speeding car while on bicycle patrol.

PC Richard Haig Little
Died 23 September 1933, aged 36

Committed suicide as a result of head injuries received in an assault.

PC Benjamin Jones
Died 13 September 1936, aged 32

Fatally injured while cycling to duty in an accidental collision with a car.

PC Francis James Prosser
Died 6 May 1940, aged 36

Fatally injured when run over trying to stop a runaway horse and van.

PC William John Wilson
Died 20 February 1941, aged 47

Found drowned in the docks having fallen in on patrol during a blackout.

PC Thomas Arthur Benn
Died 29 March 1941, aged 25

Killed attempting to rescue a family trapped in a burning house.

Posthumously awarded a King's Police and Fire Services Medal for Gallantry.

PWRC Joseph Pickering
Died 31 January 1942, aged 54

Collapsed and died when assaulted while attempting to arrest a man.

PC Wilfred Edward Grigg
Died 5 February 1943, aged 45

Found drowned in a water tank with a child he probably tried to rescue.

PC Alexander Napier
Died 7 January 1948, aged 29

Fatally injured when knocked down by a vehicle while on night duty.

PC Francis Leo Gallagher
Died 12 November 1961, aged 52

Killed in a motorcycle accident while reporting for early turn duty

PC Norman H Jones
Died 6 May 1983, aged 53

Killed along with PC James W Byers, aged 35, when struck by a car while dealing with a Road Traffic Accident on the M53

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