Liverpool City Police

in memory...World War I casualty by peter dellius retd.

This list is complete regarding names, Regiments/Corps. However, many of the mens Divisions are not known which is a shame. If you have any information on the missing Divisions then please Contact us

Peter Dellius

December 2012

Names are in Alphabetical order

In Memory of Liverpool Police Officers who lost their lives in the 'Line of Duty' during World War I

Liverpool City Police – Roll of Honour

The Great War 1914-1918

Aindow, John Edward - Sergeant 5th Liverpool Regiment

Almond, William - Private Liverpool Regiment

Ashcroft, Thomas

Austin, James Worral - Private, 2nd. Coldstream Guards

Baldwin, Charles - 'A' Division - Corporal Royal Engineers

Barden, Frank Humphrey

Barlow, William - L/Corporal, Gordon Highlanders

Bayliss, Barnet

Beedham, Arthur Frederick - 'A' Division - Bombardier R.F.A.

Benson, Finley Douglas - MM Sergeant, Coldstream Guards

Beresford, James - 'H' Division - Manchester Regiment

Bidder, Thomas - Private, Coldstream Guards

Birchall, William - Private, Coldstream Guards

Blackburn, Douglas - "H" Division - L/Corporal, Grenadier Guards

Boucher, John James

Boyd, John Howard - Private, Kings Own Yorkshire L.I.

Briscoe, Thomas - 'A' Division - 1st Liverpool Regiment

Cameron, Cornelius Edward - Private, Liverpool Scottish/Labour Corp

Capewell, Claude

Carter, Norman Cecil - 2nd Lieutenant, Sussex Regiment

Clancy, John - 'A' Division - Kings Own Lancashire Regiment

Clarke, Joseph

Clarkson, Alfred

Collins, Frederick George - Company Sergeant Major, Manchester Regiment

Colton, Reuben - 'A' Division - 20th (Pals) Liverpool Regiment

Conway, Edward Simon - Private, Machine Gun Corps

Cooke, Percy Thomas - Private, Grenadier Guards

Cookson, John Arthur - 'A' Division - Coldstream Guards

Cunningham, Henry - Private, Grenadier Guards

Dacre, Grederick - Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery

Davey, Cecil Fraser - Corporal, Kings Own Lancashire Regiment

Davies Joseph Harold - L/Bombardier, R.G.A.

Davies, Stanley

Dennan, Peter - Gunner, R.G.A.

Dignan, William - 'A' Division - Grenadier Guards

Dillon, Frederick Charles - Corporal, Military Mounted Police

Dobson, Joseph Samuel -'A' Division - Lance Corporal, Grenadier Guards

Donovan, James - MM - 'A' Division - Gunner, R.G.A.

Dowson, Frank - Private, ASC attached Field Ambulance

Edwards, Walter

Falconer, George Simpson - Sergeant, Scots Greys

Fisher, Robert - 'D' Division, (101'D')

Forde, Patrick - 'A' Division - Munster Fusiliers

Gavin, Charles Frederick - 'H' Division , Private, Scots Guards

Golder, Arthur - Private, Machine Gun Corps.

Grayson, John

Green, John Thomas - 'B' Division (76'B'), - 13th Kings Liverpool Regiment

Grooms, Edward Alexander - Private Grenadier Guards

Grundy, William - Private, Scots Guards

Hankey, George Thomas - 'F' Division, (167'F'), 1st/9th Kings Liverpool Regiment

Harding, Charles William - Sergeant, Lancashire Fusiliers

Henderson, Andrew

Hesketh, William - Private, 12th Kings Liverpool Regiment

Heydon, Alysius Joseph - Private, Irish Guards

Hodgson, Sydney

Hodkinson, Frank - Private, Scots Guards

Hoffman, Frederick James - L/Corporal, Grenadier Guards

Hoffman, William Frederick - 'H' Division - Royal Navy

Howcroft, Thomas

Hughes, John

Hughes, William

Hutchings, Samuel - 'A' Division - Private, Scots Guards

Hutchinson, Tom - Private, West Yorkshire Regiment

Igoe, James - Private, Scots Guards

Jackson, Joseph

Jellicoe, Walter Norris - 'A' Division - Gunner R.G.A.

Johnson, George Sydney - Sgt. 22"F" - Sergeant, Liverpool Regiment

Johnson, Walter - 'A' Division - Scots Guards

Johnson, William Edward - 'H' Division - Royal Navy

Jones, Ernest

Jones, Mathew - Private, Grenadier Guards

Kelly, James

Kelly, Michael

Kelly, William James - Private, Liverpool Regiment

Knight, William Henry

Knowles, Ernest - 'A' Division - Grenadier Guards

Lane, William - 'A' Division - Life Guards

Litster, Charles James - Private, East Lancashire Regiment

Loades, Robert Henry - 'A' Division - Coldstream Guards

Lowe, George Henry - Private, Grenadier Guards

Magill, John - Private, Kings Liverpool Regiment

Mallard, William Charles

Mansell, Samuel - 'A' Division - Private, Grenadier Guards

Marsh, Hilier - L/Cpl, Grenadier Guards

Martin, William - 'A' Division - R.F.A.

McCarthy, Charles - Private, Irish Guards

McConnell, James

McCormick, Thomas

McGinley, James

McLellan, John

McMurdo, Peter - 'B' Division - R.F.A.

Millward, William - 'A' Division - Scots Guards

Nicholson, Charles - 'A' Division - Kings Liverpool Regiment

Norris, Reginald Alexander - Private, Suffolk Regiment

Northover, Edwin - Gunner R.F.A.

O'Brien, William Henry - Private, Duke Cornwalls Light Infantry

Patterson, James

Pooley, John Alfred - 'A' Division - Royal Marine LI

Pryce, John - Private, Welsh Guards

Pughe, Lewis Rhys - Gunner RGA

Ramsker, George Henry - Private, Welsh Guards

Reeves, Ernest - 'A' Division - Coldstream Guards

Reilly, William

Rishton, Edward - Private, Scots Guards

Robinson, Tom Stephenson - 'A' Division - Liverpool Scottish

Roger, George Gonat - Sergeant, 19th Liverpool Regiment

Rorke, George - MM - Con. 91"D" - Gunner, RGA

Roxborough, William - 'D' Division, Gordon Highlanders

Royle, Thomas Wright - 'A' Division - 59th R.F.A.

Ryan, James

Sewell, Arthur Lorden - Sergeant - Coldstream Guards

Shannon, Alfred

Shellard, Reuben - "C" Division, Heald Street - Private, Machine Gun Corps

Simpson, William Alexander - Liverpool Scots Regiment

Smith, Benjamin - "B" Division - Private, 1st Liverpool Regiment

Smith, Ernest Henry - Private, Kings Shropshire LI

Smith, William Alfred - Assistant Head Constable - 18th Manchester Regiment

Steel, Frederick - Private, Scots Guards

Strutt, John - D/Con. CID - Private, 1st/6th Kings Liverpool Regiment

Tarbuck, Alfred - 'A' Division - Gunner R.G.A.

Thomson, Robert George - Private, 1st Royal Dragoons

Thornton, Walter Edward - "H" Division, Band Section - Sergeant, Royal Sussex Regiment

Travers, Thomas Henry - Private, 8th Liverpool (Irish) Regiment

Trimble, John George - Corporal, 8th Border Regiment

Turner, William

Venton, George - Private, Notts and Derby Regiment

Vipond, Charles - Sergeant, Royal Field Artillery

Walker, Alfred Robinson

Warbrick, William

Ward, Albert George - 'A' Division - Royal Horse Artillery

Wellings, Samuel Charles - 'A' Division - Worcester Regiment

Westwood, Horace Josiah - Fitter, Royal Field Artillery

White, John - 'A' Division - Irish Guards

Wood, George Henry

Wood, Walter

Woodroofe, Robert - 'A' Division - L/Cpl., Irish Guards

Wright, Alfred

Wilde, Charles James - 'A' Division - Kings Shropshire LI

MM after name denotes award of Military Medal for Bravery in the Field.

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