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Inspector Robert Nelson was born in Arkholme, Lancs. 1861 and joined the Liverpool City Police in 1880. His cap badge shows that he was still a serving officer after 1929. The medals he is wearing are 'St. Johns Ambulance' medal and 'Liverpool City Police Good Service' medal.

Between 1893 and 1895 Inspector Nelson was Captain of the winning Liverpool City Police 'tug of war' team in the English Championships.

It is believed that Robert was involved in the 1896 Olympic Games (Athens) but this has not been confirmed.

He died in Liverpool 1932.

Great Britain fielded three Tug-of-War teams in the 1908 Olympic Games (London). Great Britain I was the City of London Police; Great Britain II was Liverpool City Police; and Great Britain III was made up of officers from the Metropolitan K Division. Other teams entered: the United States of America, Sweden, Greece and Germany.

The Times of 18 July 1908 reported that the Great Britain II team (Liverpool City Police) beat the USA in the first pull of their competition. The Americans then objected to the Liverpool team's boots. According to the Americans the boots had illegal steel spikes, cleats and heals. Liverpool City Police insisted that the boots were standard police issue and the objection was overruled. The Americans then stormed out of the competition. The Liverpool team then went on to beat the Swedes by two pulls to none.

The final was between Great Britain I and Great Britain II. Team I – the City of London Police – was victorious. The City of London Police then challenged the Americans to a contest in stocking feet. The offer was declined.

You can see the Liverpool City Police Tug-of-War team in action here. Click on LIVERPOOL POLICE SPORTS (& CUTS)

Tug of War made its final appearance in the Olympic Games in 1924 - England (gold), Met. Police (Silver), Liverpool City Police (Bronze).


The Liverpool City Police tug of war team at the 1908 Olympics. Photograph courtesy of: Hulton Getty

LCP Rugby 1967-click to enlarge

Rugby Tour to Royal Ulster Constabulary, March 1967

Back row: C. Turner. P. Hart, D. Thomas, T. Kavanagh, Referee, J. Jones, M. Rowe, G. Dafnis, G. Johnston, G. Dennett, M. Donnelley, N. Vernon, B. Christopher, C. Hodkinson, D. Houghton, Ch. Insp. O'Connor, G. Evans, P. Johnston

Front row: J. Killilea, Supt. Craig, P. Whitehead, R. Corker (captain), P. Mosely, A. Jones, Mr. Flanagan, D. Beggs

Nott-Bower winners 1961 - click to enlarge

C.I.D. & 'M' Division Nott-Bower winners 1961

Back row: George Mycroft, Norman Frankland, Larry Skullin, Harry Davies, Barney Flynn, Peter Deary, Ken Stanton, Mr. Frankland (Snr)

Front row: Ernie Kelly, Gordon Baxter, Gerry Alderson, Ronnie Wilson, Ted Coulthard, Mascot - Junior Purvis

LPAS winnrs 1957 - click to enlarge

'D' Division - Winners of L .P.A.S. Sports & Tug of War, 1957

Back row: Albert Martin, Peter Deary, Allen Walker, Arthur Birkenshaw, Brian Bridson, Dave Williams, Les Overton

Middle row: Harry Jones, Phil Armstrong, Geoff Dundas, George Webb, Ken Bridson, Chris (Paddy) Kiely

Front row: Insp. Danny Jones, Ch.Insp. Sam Eyton, Sir Charles Carnegie Martin, Jimmy Robb, Supt. Martin, Bill Bailey, Ted Ferguson

Admiral St. CID football team 1979

Admiral St. CID football team 1979

L-R Ian Gore, Mike Squires, Clive Myerscough, Bob Lyons, Tommy Clarke, Phil Hallsworth, Dave Tanner, Pat Carragher, Mike Johnston, Paul Asher, Dave Ackerley, Geoff Sloan, Peter Royle

Merseyside Police RUFC 2011 - 2012 season. Click to enlarge

Merseyside Police RUFC 2011/2012 season

Liverpool Police Tug of War 1907 - Click to enlarge
Tug o War 1908 - Click to enlarge

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