Liverpool City Police

Queen's Commendation for brave conduct

by peter dellius Retd.

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The award of a Queen’s Commendation for brave conduct is denoted by a Silver emblem of a spray of laurel leaves. The emblem is worn directly on the coat or tunic after any medal ribbons. If there are no medals the emblem is worn in the position in which a single medal ribbon would be worn.

There have been several awards made to officers of the Merseyside Police and constituent forces.

A Notable Merseyside Queens Commendation is sadly the posthumous award made to Constable Raymond Davenport of the Operational Support Division, killed on duty whilst attempting to arrest several persons for theft of a motor vehicle on the 4th of July 1981.

London Gazette - 18th August 1964

Graham David PRIEST, Cadet, Liverpool City Police.
William John SASS, Cadet, Liverpool City Police.

Cadets Priest and Sass were on duty at the Pier Head when they were told that a woman was drowning in the river. They ran to the top of a bridge and saw the woman in the water between the river wall and a floating Landing Stage, being swept by the strong current towards a second bridge. Priest immediately discarded his police raincoat, tunic and boots, and dived into the river while Sass ran down the bridge to the Landing Stage, where he threw off his greatcoat, seized a lifebelt, and dived into the river. Both Cadets swam towards the woman. Priest reached her first and, turning her on to her back, supported her in the water. The woman commenced to struggle and Priest had a great deal of difficulty in retaining his hold until the arrival of Cadet Sass, who had released the lifebelt because of its impeding action. The Cadets and the woman were then carried by the strong flood tide towards the second bridge. A boat was rowed out towards them but they had drifted down-river past the bridge for a distance of approximately 90 yards before it reached them. The woman was then lifted into the boat and the Cadets held on to the sides while it was rowed to the steps near a third bridge. This part of the river is notorious for its treacherous and dangerous currents, and water flowing behind the Landing Stage is turbulent and heavily contaminated by slime and waste oil.

London Gazette - 2nd October 1980

Richard Andrew FAWCETT, Constable, Merseyside Police.
Thomas Paul William SINCLAIR, Constable, Merseyside Police.

For services leading to the rescue of two men who were trapped by heat, flames and smoke during a large fire in a shopping precinct on 17th December 1979.

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