Liverpool City Police

In 1964 I joined the Dog Section based at Mather Avenue. From memory, the following names where on the section at the time.


Sgts. Bill Hillier, Ted Coulthard, Jack Heckford. Lennie Norman, Barney Holmes and Tommy Benson.

Cons. Paddy Murray, Ron Barnes, Don Randal, Jimmy Deveney, Charlie “Buck” Elliot, Ray Trafford, John Culliford, Tom Jackson, Eric Simpson, Dick Evans, Barney Flynn, Neil and Alan Gaddas, Peter Lowe, Harry Davies, Gordon Baxter, and George Webb. Then came Billy Marshall, Ronnie Stewart, Ronnie Greenwood, Drew Ferguson and Ken Hankey. My apologies to anyone I’ve left out, but it was over 50 years ago.

Dog Handlers were split into two sections and the main duties for the day shifts was to patrol Castle Street, due to the large amounts of cash movement. The late shift or E.P's (Evening Patrols) as they were called, was to cover throughout the City, be it mobile or on foot patrol, paying attention to areas that had suffered crime waves, all at the request of the Divisional Ch.Supt.

The dog handlers where given an hours grooming time at the end of the shift to feed and care for their dogs, which lived at home with the handlers and their families.

Training days were under the supervision of Tommy Benson and assistant trainer George Webb. The usual venue was a disused military base at Risley, Nr.Warrington, which was ideal for building searches, tracking and criminal work. Flasks and butties where the order of the day.

Charlie Elliot and his dog “Capel” represented the the L.C.P at Police Dog Trials and competitions throughout the country, and always gave a very good account of themselves.

If any former dog handlers from this era could come up with any more names of former colleagues, this would be most interesting.

Les Edwards 136M

Police_dog_training(1) - click to enlarge

This photograph shows how high a German Shepherd can jump. Just count the bricks from the ground to how high he is.

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Dog Section puppy -click to enlarge
HMI Inspection Circa 1964
Dog Section, Fairfield
Constable Frank Martin - click to enlarge
Constable Jack Walmsley and Police dog Klaus 1960
Dog Van circa 1960 copyright merseyside police
Dog Section circa 1950 - click to enlarge
Liverpool City Police Dog Section 1972

L -R Don Randall & PD 'Shaun', Ron Greenwood & PD 'Caine', Bob Coote & PD 'Duke', Diarmid (jock) Galbraith & PD 'Merit'. 1972

Bob Coote & Ron Greenwood 1972

Ron Greenwood and Police Dog 'Caine', Bob Coote and Police Dog 'Duke'. 1972

In the early 1990's Merseyside Police had the top dog section in the country winning cups at shows everywhere with two particular dogs, Barney and Renko.

Barney & Renko

Barney & Renko with their handlers PC Graham Hankin, left, and PC Tony Mtchell, right, and centre, Insp. Bob Coote

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